Why did we Launch?

Because we love cars. We’ve been helping people choose theirs since we were kids.

Literally, six years old. We’ve had over 24 subscriptions to Car and Driver.

Been reading Road & Track magazine for over two decades.



As we got older, we never had a good car buying experience.

Neither did a lot of our friends.

And then we thought …

We can help change that.


our passion

We want to make it fun to buy cars. After all, they bring us a lot of joy.  

The sound of their engines, the feel of their chassis, and beauty of their design stirs our emotions.

Here’s Phillip’s first day on the Nürburgring in Germany

Here’s Phillip again enjoying a track day at Road Atlanta


 our service

We office in Buckhead across from Phipps Plaza. Let us find your perfect car over coffee at Highland Bakery.

Or over a hummus appetizer at Mission + Market next door to us.

We also occasionally buy cars when they are stand outs. Here’s a couple, soon you’ll find more.